Speed limits


Dateline Monday April 1st.

Big Data and Software performance engineering combine to help eliminate the Government debt, with the ability to collect real-time speed information from every car on the high-way and instanet performance optimized analytics.

Speed Limits

In an effort to continue to reduce the national and local government debt, the Car makers and the Secret lab from the government have created the ability to enable every car to instantly broadcast its current speed and plate number, encrypted of course, only readable by those who need it.  This allows the state and Federal government to instantly collect new revenue.  The wireless broadcast of the automobile speed and plate number will be good within a ½ mile range of the car, where the remote collectors can assess the fines as they happen.

There are a few options for the program; before each driver is charged, they will be given the option of speeding for the day or just this instance.  This allows the driver to purchase in bulk and at a reduced rate for the day.  If you have urgent meetings during the day, this will allow you to continue to speed and will not be pulled over the rest of the day.  This is a new and revolutionary take on the Speed Pass.  They still have to work through refunds when the driver cannot exceed the speed limit.  Perhaps, roll it forward.  People can enable payment through iTunes, Paypal or credit cards.

Upcoming Releases

It is rumored that the next Release of the program will introduce a step program, increments of 5 MPH over the posted limit to create a new premium tier option.  Also, the government is looking at maximizing its revenue by not allowing the Insurance companies to hit the driver with a surcharge for speeding. One anonymous insurance source is quoted as saying “What the hell?, we’ll show them whose boss.”

The implications for Big Data and performance engineering are tremendous.  This type of service offering by the Federal and state governments was only possible by the breakthrough advances by the Big Data and Software performance industries. A long time data and performance engineer, Chris says “This is an outstanding combintation of the two domains and wants to know if its Shovel Ready”,

Airlines get in the act

In a related story on remote monitoring, payment and data collection; a Major Airline is looking at adding remote sensors in every seat to record the weight of each passenger.  Then after deep analytics, the system will charge people more that are over the average weight for an adult.  They are still in Beta, working through how to identify males and females based on name, when to take the reading and what if people change seats.


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