Application momentum

Market Data

Calculating system momentum – A market basket of transactions and an index

Can we use momentum as a derived value or index to alert us to impending problems with the application or system? Well, the transaction response time is really a byproduct of the workload on the system resources. So, may be a better way to look at it is; does the workload have momentum? Is the workload increasing or decreasing? Borrowing from Physics, momentum is equal to mass times velocity.

We could use transaction complexity to represent mass, we all know that some transactions are heavier than others. However, using response time as velocity really does not work. Instead I could use the transaction arrival rate to represent velocity. Then I could say that the transaction or system momentum is increasing as the arrival rate increases, taking into account the weight of the transactions.

What I am looking for is a communication vehicle to let non-technical people know how the health of the system is.
Momentum is equal to the transaction weight times the arrival rate of the transactions.

I need to pick a rating or scale for my transactions; 1,5,10. Then there is an overall transaction arrival rate and an individual transaction arrival rate. I need the individual transactions in order for the momentum index to have a chance of being relevant.

M = (T1 * T1 TPS) + (T2 * T2 TPS) + (….) or index?

This would be a very custom index for each application. It represents a market basket of transactions. Much list an EFT represents a basket of stocks.
Also, what I want to determine is how quickly the momentum is changing up or down. If I can get the real-time transaction arrival rates, then I can use the momentum to get an early warning of trouble in the system. Another term, might be a volatility index for the application. Can I get the alert in the front-end of the application early and the correlate with all the system resource monitors.

For this I need to borrow from the Financial markets High Frequency Traders. They have tools and techniques that track large amounts of market date in real-time and try to jump in-front of the market momentum. In need to jump in-front of my system momentum.
The faster I can determine that the arrival rate of the heavy transactions is increasing, then I might be able to jump in-front of that and prevent an application or system outage. I need to calculate the rate of change in real time of the arrival rates. I need a to see that at a clock tick at time zero, the arrival rate is 10 TPS and the transaction response time is 300 ms. Then I need another sample at the next clock tick to calculate the TPS is now 11, and the response time is 305 ms. Perfect for using HFT techniques.


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