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Software Performance Engineering

Agile and PEYour are not Agile

Integrating Software performance engineering with Agile software development methods.  This should be easy, right? These two methods are not naturally suited for each other;

Performance engineering has rigorous and defined methods for defining non-functional requirements in the development cycle, and performance testing requires production like test systems with a proper transaction workload mix, and a large database. Performance testing can introduce more time in a release schedule when the application was designed and developed without well defined performance and scalability requirements.  The value in performance engineering methods is to manage risk and to design and build highly scalable systems that support the busines growth.

Agile methods start with stories and themes, a defined system architecture, and a partial list of required features. The team leader defines a series of releases comprised of a series of scrums.  Each release will have partial features and functions, Each scrum may…

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